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San Ignacio Town, known locally as “Cayo”, is located along the Western Highway about 70 miles west and 90 minutes’ drive from Belize City and 9 miles east of the Guatemalan border.

San Ignacio Town boast a wide range of Tour and Attractions, from exploring Maya archeological sites to canoeing down the Macal River San Ignacio, Belize is a nature lover’s dream of utopian paradise.

There is a multitude of things to do in San Ignacio. The town is filled with archaeologists, Peace Corps workers, North American retirees and thrill seekers, all here to experience the many tours and unique attraction that San Ignacio Town has to offer. Tourists love the frontier-like wooden shops on narrow streets where they can shop to their hearts content or eat some of the many delicious local cuisine.

Mayan History in the area

Belize is recognized as the center of the ancient Maya world and it was here in the “central lowlands” of western Belize and the Guatemalan Petén that the ancient Maya flourished during the Classic Period from 300 to 900 AD. Archaeologists now estimate that 2,000,000 Mayans once lived in what is now Belize.

Visitors can experience firsthand the interesting world of the Mayans through the exploration the Mayan ruinsof Caracol, Xunantunich, El Pilar and Cahal Pech in Cayo District, and Tikal in nearby Guatemala.

Here is the famous travel guide, Frommer’s best Mayan Ruins in Belize.

You can also expand your journey back through time by entering the amazing realm of Belize’s cave systems, with a chance to learn more about a mysterious ancient Maya civilization and geological processes that shaped the region. Caves open for exploration include: Actun Tunichil Muknal, Caves Branch, Black Hole Drop and Barton Creek Cave.

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Belize Cave Systems

The Chiquibul Cave System is one of the largest and best-known cave systems in Central America and is featured by National Geographic. It consists of four distinct caves along the course of the Chiquibul River; Actun Kabal, Actun Tun Kul (Tunkul) and Cebada Cave in Belize, and Xibalba in Guatemala, as well as several other smaller associated caves. Included within the cave system are two of the largest underground chambers in the world. The Actun Tunichil Muknal is the most popular cave destination when visiting San Ignacio Town, Ka’wiil Tours provide daily tours to the spectacular attraction.

Mountain Pine Ridge – A recommended Ecosystem

If at all possible, anyone and everyone that comes to San Ignacio Town should try to get to Mountain Pine Ridge. It’s an amazing place filled with pine trees for one, but also amazing views, caves, pools, waterfalls and rocks you can jump off. Some theorize this out-of-place ecosystem is the remnant of a volcanic island that long ago collided with the mainland.

Some of the sites to see at Mountain Pine ridge include 1000 foot falls, which is really more like 1500 or 1600 feet, and it is thought to be the tallest waterfall in Central America. Also, on the list of things to do here is Rio Frio Cave. Rio Frio Cave isn’t so much of a cave as it is a naturally formed tunnel and inside it is a quarter mile to the other side, so you are still going to need a flashlight.

Everything is big in this cave! The two 65-foot arched entry ways leave you in awe. Huge stalactites hang from the massive cathedral-like vault, which is part of a cave system the Maya used to bury their dead. Room size boulders are strewn throughout the cave and a stream flows through, forming pools with cascading falls.

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