Belize ATM Cave Tour: The World’s #1 Sacred Cave – Private 4 Pax – 6 Pax

The ATM Cave, also known as Actun Tunichil Muknal, is a national park managed by the National Institute of Cultural and History (NICH) and is one of the top tourist attractions in Belize. It is rated by National Geographic and Discovery Channel as the #1 sacred cave in the world.

The guided trip into the ATM Cave takes you deep into the underworld that the ancient Maya called “Xibalba.” The tour starts with a scenic 45-minute walk through Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve, where you will wade across crystal-clear rivers and hike under the jungle canopy.

Upon reaching the natural, hourglass-shaped opening, you will know that you have arrived at the entrance to the cave. You will then swim across a beautiful turquoise pool (about 15 feet across) to enter the cave.

From that point, you will follow your tour guide, swimming, wading, and climbing your way through the darkness of the cave for approximately an hour. Your highly trained professional team of guides will point out every possible area of injury and instruct you on how to avoid them.

Once out of the water, you will begin to see Mayan artifacts and human remains in that area. You will have the opportunity to learn about the Maya culture and their use of the cave for religious ceremonies.

The ATM Cave Tour is a unique and unforgettable experience that will give you a glimpse into the world of the ancient Maya.

Belize ATM Cave Tips and Advisory

Your Guide to the World’s #1 Sacred Cave

Kawiil Tours team of experts are the best guides for the ATM Cave Tour in Belize. With over 21 years of experience and research in Mayan history, they are passionate about sharing their knowledge with visitors. The team will provide you with a fact-filled tour of the ATM Cave, a one-of-a-kind experience that you will never forget. You will learn about the Maya culture and their use of the cave for religious ceremonies.

If you are looking for an informative tour to the famous #1 Sacred cave in the world, then you came just to the right team!

Luis received extensive training on this Cave system from the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project (BVAR) archaeologist; Dr. Jamie Awe, Sherry Gibbs and Cameron Griffith.

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    Hannah Schilpp
    Hannah Schilpp
    02:55 15 Mar 24
    We did the cave tour with Luis and it was incredible! It far surpasses our expectations. Luis knows his stuff and takes his time to share his knowledge. He’s also funny which made the trip more enjoyable! And his wife made a fabulous lunch!read more
    Niquita Eng
    Niquita Eng
    16:03 09 Mar 24
    So glad we got in with Luis! He took his time explaining little details I think would have otherwise been missed. I really appreciate his professionalism and the high standards he holds tour guides to. Luis holds tour guides accountable for educating their tourists. He gave us factual information without dancing around things that may upset people because, history doesn’t care too much about your beliefs. I learned alot on this tour and if you go in with an open mind, you will love it!read more
    Trey V
    Trey V
    14:15 08 Mar 24
    Luis was amazing. We took our 5 children (ages 7 to 17), and Luis kept it fun and interesting for us all. Good pace, unbelievable depth of knowledge, and the best laugh we’ve heard. Our kids talk more about Luis than the cave. Can’t recommend him more
    Jeremy Himle
    Jeremy Himle
    02:49 21 Feb 24
    Just finished our tour of ATM cave today and had a blast with Luis. While the other tour operators were rushing past us, Luis spoke about Mayan history and educated our group about historical events that shaped the cave history. He took his time and helped my girlfriend through difficult spots, and was observant to the needs of our small group. Many of the experiences we had were unique to other groups and I was so grateful for the memories he created. I’m sure that you might find a less expensive rush tour, but Luis has been guiding tours for over 20 years and it shows. I can’t recommend him enough. (Photo for attention purposes as no photos are allowed at ATM)read more
    Brian Chapman
    Brian Chapman
    02:23 17 Feb 24
    Our guide John was great! You could tell he really loves his country and all the beauty it has to show us. Thanks for sharing with more
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