Caracol Maya Ruins

This magnificent maya ruins was discovered by Rosa Mai in 1937 while looking for Mahogany Tree and is one of the largest and tallest maya site in Belize.

Caracol is one of the top five mayan ruins in the classic period and it helped Calakmul in the conquest of Tikal in 562 AD and became a front runner in Maya Affairs in the southern maya region. After conquering Tikal, Caracol became a super state and Calakmul became a Mega state. At its peak, Caracol controlled 5544 Sq Kilometers which allowed Caracol to become so powerful that every other site within the area had to give tributes. The king of Caracol became their overlord.

Caracol Maya Ruins Tips and Advisory

Caracol Maya Ruins History

Caracol Archaeological Site, the Snail, is an ancient Maya city with a detailed history. The area was settled around 900 B.C, being the most important regional political center of the Maya Lowlands during the classic period in 900 A.D. This city once covered about 75 square miles (larger than modern-day Belize City). Caracol sits on the Vaca Plateau at an elevation of 500 meters above sea level, in the foothills of the Maya Mountains. Official Investigations at Caracol started in 1950, after the first official visit by Linton Satterthwaite ( University of Pennsylvania).

Caracol was discovered in 1937 and is the largest Maya site in Belize, home to 150,000 Mayas. It contains enormous temples with “Caana” or “Sky Place” being the largest. The primary pyramid at this site houses 4 palaces and 3 temples and remains the tallest structure in modern Belize, with a height of approximately 141 feet, which rises over 140 ft. From the top, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding natural beauty of Belize. Over 70 formal tombs have been excavated and many hieroglyphic texts have been found on stelae, altars, and ball court markers, capstones, and wall facades.

Though located deep within the Chiquibul National Park it is definitely worth the long trip. The drive to the site allows you to have a glimpse of small villages and the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, where many wildlife creatures such as the jaguars and ocelots roam. On the way back, you have the opportunity to visit the Rio Frio cave and swim at Rio On Pools or Big Rock Falls.

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