Caracol Ruins in Belize

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Caracol Ruins is located Chiquibil Forest Reserve in the Cayo District of Belize, deep in the Belizean Rainforest. Getting to Caracol Ruins from Belize City, Placencia or other destination requires you to book a day in advance, you may also need to stay in San Ignacio or nearby places.

A quick tour arrangement can made with us, Ka'Wiil Tours and our expert guide on Caracol, Luis. If you are traveling from other parts of the country, just let us know so we can plan how best to do the Caracol Ruins Tours in a day.

Caracol Archaeological site in Belize

Caracol Archaeological site, the Snail, is an ancient Maya city with a detailed history; the area was settle about 900 B.C and survived to the end of the classic period at 900 A.D. This city once covered about 75 square miles (larger than modern day Belize City). Caracol is located in the Chiquibul National Park in the Cayo District of Belize, approximately 50 miles from San Ignacio on a dirt road.  Official Investigations at Caracol started in the in 1950, after the first official visit, Linton Satterthwaite ( University of Pennsylvania).


The Caracol Archaeological site was discovered in 1937 and is the largest Maya site in Belize, which was once home to about 150,000 people. Caracol site has an enormous temples with “Caana” or “Sky Place” being the largest. The primary pyramid at this site, houses 4 palaces and 3 temples and remains the tallest building in modern Belize, with a height of approximately 141 feet, which rises over 140 ft. From the top you can enjoy a panoramic view of  the surrounding natural beauty of Belize.  


Though located deep within the Chiquibul National Park it is definitely worth the long trip. The drive to the site allow you to have a glimpse of couple villages and the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. Where many wildlife creatures such as the jaguars and ocelots roam, on the way back there is a opportunity to visit Rio Frio cave and swim at Rio On Pools or Big Rock Falls.

Tour Tips

For this amazing adventure you will want to bring along a camera, bug spray, sun block, hat, hiking shoes, shades, canteen, water shoe in case of swimming, swim wear, lots and lots of energy! Enjoy!

Caracol Ruins Tour Details:

  • Tour price: please contact us
  • 2 person minimum
  • Please be on-time for this trip
  • Tours include Lunch, Transportation, Guide, Entrance Fee, Bottle Water, Soda, Tours Equipment.

Caracol Tour leave San Ignacio: 7:30AM

Caracol Ruins is truly a great site to explore. Just as Teotihuacan in Mexico and Tikal in Guatemala was of status and Power; so was Caracol Archaeological site in Belize. Luis has taken educational and historical training and dose his utmost best to explain what it was like living in this area during the time of the Mayas. This tour offer is follow by a swim at the natural pools after visiting the Ruins.

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